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Best Handmade Soap Bars in London

When it comes to taking your mind off a long workday, you just cannot beat a bath. But without the right soap, it just isn’t right. That’s where Keskinz comes into the equation. Based in London, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with amazing natural handmade soaps that will make them and their loved ones feel happy, healthy and luxurious. We will always do everything we can to make sure you have an enjoyable shopping experience w... Read more

Natural Products

All our products are cruelty-free and free from natural chemicals, whether you’re interested in our Lavender soap, Jasmine soap or anything in our store. We think it’s essential to create sustainable products that give you all nature has to offer in your relaxation time. That is why we aim to buy ingredients that are made in the UK. From lavender to honey, our products will leave you smelling fragrant!

Our Goal

​​Keskinz started as a hobby. We have been making soaps and selling them to family, friends and online, and one day decided to move the business forward. We aim to be the best manufacturing business that provides high-quality handmade products to my customers, working with a sense of pride, support and warmth. We believe in trust, honesty and integrity. We're committed to providing the best customer care experience possible because we know t... Read more


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